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TKO Marketing Consultants Ltd

"The team offer very clear and clinical advice with successful execution on all customer's needs. They maintain a very clear objective of trying to find out what we are trying to achieve rather than just selling us data. They are a pleasure to work with."


- Guy Forster, Managing Director - TKO Marketing Consultants Ltd

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Haylay Group Plc

"They provide a first-class data for those looking to develop business within the manufacturing sector."


- Craig Bastable, Marketing Manager - Hayley Group Plc

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Wind Direct

"This simplified the sales message and quickly achieved the objectives that were agreed at the outset."


- David Saxon, Head of Marketing - Wind Direct

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Dassault Systemes

"... I consider them more as an extension to my marketing team rather than a supplier."


- Tom Leeson, Marketing Manager - Dassault Systemes UK Ltd

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Intermedia Global

"As a source of data in the manufacturing sector, their data is both comprehensive and accurate."


- Jon White, Operations Manager - Intermedia Global Ltd

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Man and machine

"We know that we can rely on their data to maximise the chance of carrying out successful campaigns... Their data is certainly the best we’ve found for the manufacturing industry..."


- Claire Randall, Marketing Manager - Man and Machine

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Micro Metalsmiths

"We had one order within 3 days of contact made and three others over the campaign time, and we expect many more to follow."


- Steve Parkin, Director - Micro Metalsmiths

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"... we are always confident that they will deliver a good result.”


- Wendy Walker, Marketing Manager - Pacer Ltd

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"... the quality and breadth of their manufacturing database, which is second to none... It’s one of the best we have used."


- Bimal Dharsi, UK Marketing Manager - Parametric Technology (UK) Ltd

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"... accuracy of the data produced is so far higher than their competitors."


- Adrian Foster, UK Marketing Manager - Parker Sales UK

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“I have yet to find any other data provider who can match the accuracy and breadth of their offering.”


- Mark Feathers, Regional Marketing Manager - QAD Europe Ltd

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"The benefits to TDK-Lambda UK Limited are ongoing, whether in generating new business contacts or identifying potential market segments."


- Hannah Owen, Marcom Manager - TDK-Lambda UK Limited

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World Innovators Inc

"We cannot recommend them highly enough as a trusted source for postal, email and telemarketing."


- Greg Pesce, Director of Business Development - World Innovators Inc

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WNT (UK) Ltd

"... They provide the best database marketing service in our industry."


- Tony Pennington, MD - WNT (UK) Ltd

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Neustro Consulting

"I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to target manufacturing organisations in the UK."


- David Binall, Sales Executive - Neustro Consulting

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Carl Zeiss

"... You feel that they can find the information with greater accuracy which saves you time and money."


- Paul Martin, Sales Manager -Carl Zeiss (IMT) Ltd

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"The return on investment for using them has been very rewarding and we would recommend their service."


- Dave Ireland, European Marketing Manager -Tektronix UK Limited

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