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Who are we?


Who are we? MA Knowledge (MAK) is the data, market research and bespoke content division of the Mark Allen Group. It is committed to delivering optimal marketing solutions and genuine customer engagement, for its clients.


As data management experts with over 40 years’ pedigree, MAK helps companies transform their customers’ data into a strategic knowledge-based asset. Our database holds more qualified contacts than any other source in design, production technology and management, across every discipline and manufacturing sector including automotive, defence, aerospace, oil & gas, machine tools, FMCG, telecommunications, food & drink and more.

Between them, this group has huge influence and significant buying power. Indeed, for many of MAK’s clients, it represents their entire universe of their existing and potential customers.


MAK combines data knowledge with its expertise in campaign management to deliver high value direct marketing services whatever your requirement. Beyond providing data, telemarketing, email campaign, consultancy services, MAK currently delivers a number of online databases and websites for organisations such as SMMT (Society of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Traders), SOE (Society of Operations Engineers), and a number of public and privately owned corporations.


If you’re talking to the manufacturing industry, you should be talking with MAK.


Call 01322 221144 and ask for the MA Knowledge team





Our data quality policy


Just as Kellogg’s does not make cereal for anyone else – MAK data can't be bought from anyone else!


MAK does not subscribe to the notion of ‘wholesale collaborated database’ often offered by large data shops. If our data is not personally researched by one of our team, we don’t trust it to be correct. We don’t believe you should either.


When you work with MAK data, you are guaranteed that every contact you purchase has been researched 1-on-1 by one of MAK’s in-house data team and that the details are kept up to date on a regular basis.


MAK’s research programme continuously refreshes and unearths new sites and contacts as the market changes. Even in today’s uncertain market you can be sure that, on average, the information is less than 16 months old.


To keep MAK’s census of UK Manufacturing as accurate and up-to-date as possible, 7 different questionnaires are used to research all UK manufacturing and related sites. The relevant questionnaire is selected based on the number of employees on site and whether the site is defined as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Process Sites or Non-manufacturing.


Data definitions:


OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

Regardless of size, if these companies manufacture an end-product in either metal or plastics then they are fully researched by our team.


Process Sites

If over 50+ employees, all other manufacturing companies (i.e. food, chemicals etc.) are researched in full. Smaller sites (i.e. under 50 employees) will be researched if any of the following activities are undertaken:


If we are unable to contact a site, a check will be made to find an alternative contact number. Where no contact number is obtained the site is deemed as ‘Dead’.


Direct Mail suppressed sites


MAK data includes status flags at both site and contact level, which in line with the 1998 Data Protection Act, entitles sites to request not to receive any unsolicited mailings. Sites which are flagged 'E' have asked MAK not to send unsolicited e-mails and sites which are flagged 'F' have requested not to be sent unsolicited faxes. In addition, a site flagged ‘D’ or ‘A’ has requested not to be sent any mail, e-mail or faxes by MAK. However as an MAK client, you may choose to contact these sites directly for telemarketing or tele research purposes and if so, you must adhere to your own company’s policies and guidelines for DPA and TPS compliance. Similarly, at individual contact level, those records with a contact status of ‘E’ have asked MAK not to send unsolicited e-mail and those with a contact status of 'S' or ‘DM’ do not wish to receive e-mail, mail or faxes. Again, any telemarketing or tele research carried out directly by you must comply with your company’s compliance policy.




Terms & Conditions


Each service comes with its own set of conditions of use depending on the circumstances of the project.


Data Rental - The data is ‘unseen’ by the client and it is used on their behalf by either MAK or a 3rd party mailing house. An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) is required for data to be released from MAK to a 3rd party.


Data Lease - Data is provided direct to the end client for unlimited use in the lease period (usually 12 months), during which time any data which is qualified transfers from MAK ownership to that of the client. Any data not qualified during the lease period remains the property of MAK.


Data audit - Your data is just as valuable as ours, so likewise we expect to sign an NDA to cover your data when you submit it to us for audit or data suppression.


MAK is a professional Direct Marketing operation and adheres to the 1998 Data Protection Act policies.


For a full breakdown of our T’s & C’s please contact the team on 01322 221144




MA Knowledge


MA Business MAK is a trading name of the data services provided by the Mark Allen Group.


Market-leading magazines renowned for their editorial excellence provide the regular and direct relationship with the marketplace. But increasingly MAK’s clients choose to reach their target audience using a combination of conventional advertising and MAB events, online communities and web channels, telemarketing services, market research or our data marketing services.


Whatever the media choice, the outcome is second to none. Each marketing route is supported by an underlying universe database not available anywhere else. Using our extensive market knowledge and by working closely with our customers to understand their business, we can identify and reach efficiently any part of this audience with the right message to suit our clients’ needs and using their media preference.


And where our standard media portfolio ends, our bespoke contract publishing, website development and event organising projects team can provide the ultimate tailored service.


We respond quickly to our clients changing needs market demands. Whatever the priority, whatever the ROI measure: lead generation, increasing business from existing customers or raising brand awareness, launching new products or recruiting new staff; MAB delivers marketing packages that work.


Visit the MA Business website.






WNTFinding the perfect data direct marketing partner is key to the future success of your marketing campaigns. But how do you know how good the service will be before you use it?


At MAK we value what our customers think of us and are very happy to share their feedback about our services with you. We have published a number of testimonials so that you can see what our customers think about us. Each testimonial can be clicked on to show the full comments and the rating each customer has given to us.By constantly reviewing customers' opinions we are able to improve and maintain our high standards.


To view our current testimonials please click here. Findlay / FDM were previous names for services now delivered under MAK.


Why not let us know what you think about our service by clicking here.