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Sector analysis/prospect targeting

Helping you to understand the potential of the market

With there being a tendency for specialised areas of manufacturing to gravitate towards each other such as Automotive in Coventry and Medical in Cambridge, cluster group analysis is a powerful tool when looking to identify new business targets.


  • • Cluster group analysis helps to focus resources
  • • Identifies ‘hot-spots’
  • • We can overlay your sales activity to see if the team are covering the right areas.


If you would like our team to help you with cluster groups, call 01322 221144, or click here and send us an email.


Mapping market penetration and potential


Before sales and marketing resource is allocated, you need to understand the potential of the market and how well your operation currently covers it.


By combining our mapping software and market knowledge together with your customer datasets, we’ll quickly identify any gaps and then produce counts and other statistics that your sales and marketing team can use to develop customer acquisition strategies.