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Want to size the opportunity? Create an email campaign? Enhance your CRM database? The this is the place for you!
Search the market now with our easy to use data selection tool. Just pick the audience, then decide how you want to use the data and for how long. It is as simple as that.
Our data selection tool allows you to build audiences by job function, industry sector, site size, location and many more fields beyond. You can create and store any number of searches to identify new business, with new commitment to purchase until you identify exactly what you require. Once you have registered on-line, you can manage your account, create new searches or re-run existing ones. You can even suppress any searches against data you already have to identify fresh information to grow your business.
It is simple and FREE to use and will immediately improve your market ROI!
Want to know more first? Call the MA Knowledge team on 01322 221144.

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