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Data enhancement

Improve the performance of your database

Data enhancement The key to an effective database is in the level of information held and the frequency of its validation.


MAK continuously telephone research the market verifying the details of all site/contacts on the database so you don’t have to. By ensuring your database is regularly validated against ours, you’ll improve its performance dramatically.


We will eliminate obsolete data, flag duplicate records, correct inaccurate records and enhance with the required attributes available, from SIC code, site size, product description, telephone, email, fax, web, and further unique Findlay data sets.


Data enhancement benefits you in many ways:


• Improves your knowledge

Additional data fields can help you segment the target market more effectively, either letting you target more effectively, or to monitor more closely where results are coming from. Our knowledge gives you the power to improve your campaigns.


• Improves your efficiency

Removal of inaccurate records immediately reduces wastage and increases the ROI of your marketing.


• Improves your sales

Without doubt, enhanced data allows your sales team to gain a better understanding of customers and prospects aiding the sales process.


To discuss how MAK could enhance your data and to arrange sample data to be emailed to you, please either click here to send an email or call us on 01322 221144.